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If you are a sports lover or if your hobby has always been tennis, RozaRossa welcomes you to test yourself on the different types of courts it offers. You will feel like a player at the Wimbledon tournament on the grass court, at the Roland Garros championship on the clay court or at an US Open on our exclusive hard tennis court.

The RozaRossa club was born with the ambition to take one of the most popular sports on the Costa del Sol to the highest level. Playing tennis developes the physical condition of the player and also his coordination, focus and discipline skills.

This is your perfect place if you are an athlete and want to get a professional tennis training. RozaRossa offers nine courts with an attractive and modern design, the best instructors and different services such as hotel, restaurant or swimming pool that will accompany you in your training.

A unique, high-tech infrastructure that is the base for every tennis professional and tennis lover. What is your goal? Come and tell us about it at RozaRossa and discover our wide range of sports and leisure activities.

You can check our prices and promotions

Different types of court surfaces
The best equipment and the latest technology
Comfortable environment and location
Professional and attentive coaching staff
Large selection of related services
Permanent events and pleasant communication

Подробная информация

Полный спектр услуг для активного отдыха и жизни
  • 8 теннисных кортов с различными типами покрытий:

    - Хард (аналог US Open);

    - Искусственная трава (аналог Wimbledon);

    - Грунт (аналог Roland Garros).

    Что позволяет профессионалам подготовиться к любому из профессиональных турниров или любителям просто попробовать свою игру на каждом из покрытий.

  • 2 площадки для paddle – популярной в Испании игры, отличающиеся от тенниса более маленькой площадкой и быстрым темпом игры;

  • Комфортные раздевалки и душевые;

  • Бассейн и chill-out зона для гостей.

Подготовка игроков к турнирам
От 50 EUR
Группы для детей и взрослых
От 50 EUR
Индивидуальные тренировки
От 50 EUR
Организация турниров для игроков различных уровней подготовки
От 50 EUR
Проведение и организация сборов для ведущих школ мира
От 50 EUR
Аренда корта
От 50 EUR
Подготовка игроков к турнирам
От 50 EUR
Подготовка игроков к турнирам
От 50 EUR
Подготовка игроков к турнирам
От 50 EUR
Подготовка игроков к турнирам
От 50 EUR
Подготовка игроков к турнирам
От 50 EUR
Подготовка игроков к турнирам
От 50 EUR
Rich Harris
Head сoach
Elizabeth Turner
Assistant сoach
Anna Pelzer
Head сoach

Services and prices for tennis

You can see our prices and promotions.

RozaRossa's tennis programme prices

Note: the cost per training session is calculated according to 1 training session - 60 minutes.
Note: for damaged equipment, a fine will be charged with the price of the equipment.
Court rental
Clay / 1 hour
Hard / 1 hour
Grass / 1 hour
Touch Tennis / 1 hour
Session with o trainer - 1 hour (court included)
Individual training
Split (2 ppl.)
Group (3-5 ppl.)
1 training (3-4 ppl.)
Individual training with the head trainer of the RozzaRosa academy
Group trainings RozaRossa "Classic" (monthly price)
Group (4-5 ppl.) 2 times a week
Group (4-5 ppl.) 3 times a week
Group (3 ppl.) 2 times a week
Group (3 ppl.) 3 times a week
Children groups RozaRossa "Kids mania" (monthly price)
Group (minimum 6 ppl.) 2 times a week
Group (minimum 6 ppl.) once a week (on Saturdays)
1 training (minimum 6 ppl.)
Equipment rental (price per hour)
Radar (for speed measurement)
Sport equipment (target)
Refreshing the sports courts (this service is not included in the court rental price, 1 hour)
Registration assistance (tournaments, match organization, formulation of the player's license)
Group trainings RozaRossa "Basic pro"
5 times a week in 2 hour sessions
Tennis/fitness (possible registration in tournaments has an additional cost to be agreed with the head trainer)
Minimum number of players per group 3 ppl.
1200€ per month
Group trainings RozaRossa "master"
Individual and professional program that adapts to the player's skill and needs.
Professional training twice a week
Individual trainings
Competition participation
Possibility of:
Accommodation in RozaRossa's hotel
Meals in RozaRossa's restaurant
Language teaching
Online teaching
Price by agreement

Promotions & discounts

promotions & discounts on RozaRossa's tennis court rental:
With the booking and timely payment by a player of the amount of 20 - 50 hour per month
20% discount
on court (hard/clay/grass)
With the booking and timely payment by a player of the amount of 50 or more hours per month
30% discount
on court (hard/clay)
Monday - Friday “tennis” happy hours
14:00 - 16:00 discount on tennis court rental
50% discount

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