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“Your local law firm with international insight!”

The Marbelex Team

Marbelex Legal Services is a young and driven law firm that takes great pride in being a local law firm with the most international insight.

Amongst our clients are nationals of Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, UK, Sweden, Germany, Czech, Iran, Switzerland and many other EU countries.

We strive to render personalized and specialized legal services fitted individually to the clients’ needs and expectations in a very transparent, dedicated and thorough manner.

Our staff share a “go-getter” attitude in problem solving and always provide a solution in all legal services that we provide to our clients.

Our legal team members have qualifications and experience of legal practice abroad, including UK, USA, and Russia, so they fully comprehend foreign clients, are native English, Spanish and Russian speakers and bring to the table the “at home feeling” for foreign clients, all to make sure that their matters are being handled by the best fitted professionals for the job.

At Marbelex we specialize in immigration and investment law, property law and asset management, corporate law and taxation. Our accountants and paralegal speak Spanish, English, Russian and Ukrainian, and have vast Client Relations experience in some of the largest companies on the Coast.

The founders

Irina Panyushkina Kuznetsova (Selegenenko)

Irina is the Attorney and Founder of Marbelex.

She was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to Spain at 11 years old. She graduated from Aloha College of Marbella and then went on to study Law at Alfoso X El Sabio University of Madrid. Irina also holds an LLM degree from the University of San Diego. She is registered as a practicing Attorney with the Malaga Bar Association.

She started her professional career as an intern in one of the local top law firms and then went on to intern in Washington DC law firm. Irina worked as Corporate legal counsel in a Global steel and mining company in Moscow, then moved on to the position of Operational Planning and Legal Director in a subsidiary of Russia’s largest State Tech Corporation. After getting married and having her first child, Irina and her husband returned to Marbella and founded Marbelex Legal Services.

Irina speaks English, Spanish and Russian and specializes in Corporate, immigration and property laws.

Artem Selegenenko

Artem is the Director and Head of Finance at Marbelex.

He was born in a norther city of Severodvinsk on the White Sea and has lived all over Russia through his Military Career.

Artem graduated from the Financial Military Academy of Yaroslavl with a Diploma in Finance and Economics. He then served over 10 years as the Financial Director and Head of Finance in various legions and army divisions, was CFO in a law firm in Moscow and occupied the position of Regional Director in a subsidiary of Russia’s largest State Tech Corporation.

Artem came to Spain in 2015, worked in the one of the biggest local telecommunications companies until he joined his wife Irina at Marbelex.

He is passionate about sports, physical health & healthy mindset, crypto currencies … and sports cars!

Artem speaks English, Spanish and Russian and specializes in operations planning, accounting and finance.

Yana Renhevych

Yana is the Legal Assistant / Paralegal and Office manager at Marbelex.

She was born in the city of Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Yana graduated from the National Technical University with a degree in “Computer systems and networks”. After graduation, most of Yana’s experience has been in sales and PR.

In 2014 Yana moved to Spain in search of new opportunities and a better life. She believes she has found here everything she was looking for!

Yana loves nature and spends most of her free time traveling and getting to know new places, cities and countries. She is very passionate about active sport, she skateboards and cycles; animals, whom she helps constantly; and music, she is learning how to play drums. Yana likes to learn about the human mind and is studying psychology.

Yana speaks four languages, is a people person and will find any way to complete the task at hand.

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