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PollyGlot language centre

We invite you to individual and group lessons to PollyGlot language centre at the RozaRossa Family Tennis Club.

Spanish • English • German • Russian as a foreign language

Official exams:

  • DELE diploma Spanish foreign language;

  • Nacionalidad citizenship (language and test preparation in history, culture and traditions, geography, art, politics, economics);

  • Goethe Institut - ZDF Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache;

  • KSD Kleinsprachdiplom;

  • TOEFL test in English as a foreign language;

  • International English Language Testing System IELTS;

  • RAF Russian as a Foreign Language.

All classes in PollyGlot are for both: adults and children 6+.

Our language school offers for children: SPANISH / ENGLISH / GERMAN / RUSSIAN

  • Help with homework and project preparation.

  • Assistance to families in the preparation and submission of documentation, interviews with the administration, simultaneous translation and maintenance of all correspondence, negotiations and filling in papers and, of course, language training for children for admission to Spanish, British or German schools.

  • Bilingual children from 6 years old on, who speak Russian, are invited to speech development lessons, learning not only correct conversation, but also reading, writing, describing pictures and situations. Classes are held in a playful way, which increases more interest in learning the language, making it easy and smart.

We offer Russian / German / English / Spanish courses for companies in the following areas:

  • Restaurants / Bars / Cafes and Hotels (Waiters, maids, administrators/receptionists);

  • Leaders and administrative positions;

  • Medical centres and insurance companies;

  • Legal services;

  • Real Estate industry;

  • Construction / Design projects;

  • Advertising, etc.

* You didn’t find your professional sector on this list? Contact us and we will develop a course specifically for your professional area.

Come to a free level test to get to know the place, and we’ll find the program and training scheme that best suits your needs.

Any questions, additional information, wishes, book your place in groups and for private lessons:

We kindly ask you to come to our place healthy

The administration trusts you, we all understand the present situation in our country and in the world and we hope you are taking preventive measures for your health and of all your family members.

Arts and Crafts Centre in PollyGlot

Our creative centre invites children 5+ to learn how to create fantastic crafts with their own hands and to get to know some funny drawing techniques such as: drawing on crumpled paper, splashing, drawing with salt and sand, monotype, drawing with plasticine and much more.

We’ll not only draw/paint and make 3D crafts, but also solve creative puzzles, embroider and knit. It’ll be amazing!

All activities are held in a funny way in a pleasant environment and help children to open up, demonstrating their creativity and imagination and, most importantly, develop their fine motor skills.

We are happy to introduce you the new project “Learn by playing”, based on the method of learning through games, where children will develop logic, imagination, thinking and broaden their horizons. Come and learn something new in a nice company in a comfortable place full of light and colours.

Crafts, applications, modelling, drawing, games, embroidery and knitting are held:

From Monday to Friday from 17:00 by appointment.

Come and bring your friends

Get creative and have fun, and after lesson take your creation home with a certificate of participation that will remind you of how much fun you had at the PollyGlot.

Enjoy yourself and give something nice and original DIY do-it-yourself to your parents!

In our spacious, light, cosy creative studio, all participants are provided with multi-coloured aprons, plastic disposable armbands, gloves * if necessary at certain workshops, disposable paper towels, liquid soap for delicate baby skin, a sanitizer, a separate sink in the room and toilet with everything necessary for children.

We recommend bringing children to CREATIVE LESSSONS in comfortable clothes and shoes, you do not need to bring anything with you, children are offered water.

We kindly ask you to come to our place healthy

The administration trusts you, we all understand the present situation in our country and in the world and we hope you are taking preventive measures for your health and of all your family members.

Any questions, additional information, wishes, and group reservations:

Certified teacher of foreign languages Yanina Kuznetsova-Egenburg

My name is Yana, I am 39 years old, I was born in the city of St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia.

In 2004 I graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen, and then here in Spain, at the Ministry of Education of Madrid, I confirmed my diploma.

My experience in teaching languages is more than 22 years, I constantly do new courses and seminars - I love the learning process, I always look for a time and place to go to study and improve my skills, increase my knowledge and experience, I am looking for new methods of teaching languages, I participate in webinars by the invitations of book editorials of literature and teaching aids on languages.

My passion is teaching and learning. I approach my work with great dedication. I´ll be glad to help you in:

  • Preparation for interviews and official exams.

  • I'll teach you to speak everyday language in everyday life and travel.

  • I’ll introduce you the vocabulary in a specific professional language, teaching you the structures, lexical phrases and grammatical structures of the target language (services and restaurants sector, tourism sector, sales, real estate, beauty salon, etc.)

  • I’ll teach you to overcome the language barrier and, finally, to speak.

Several reviews from my students.

P.S. Thank you for your kind words, I´m so lucky to have you all by me!

An important criterion in choosing a teacher for me is the teacher's ability to find an individual approach, the ability to quickly identify weaknesses, responsively and competently motivate and interest and, most importantly, help and not lose faith in their abilities. These are the qualities that Yanina Kuznetsova, a teacher-philologist-linguist and a professional in her field, possesses. I also want to note the teacher's organization and punctuality. All the material in the lesson is presented in a structured way and in accordance with my learning speed. In addition, it is very important for me not only the excellent knowledge of the teacher's language, but also the fact that she can explain all incomprehensible moments in Russian that I understand. Yana, thanks for your patience and enthusiasm!


Yana is an excellent teacher. Practically a native speaker, as she graduated from a special school with foreign languages and a university in this specialty. She gives amazing grammar, everything is very structured, considering that she is Russian and can easily explain in your native language. Yana helps in the preparation of all exams, she has a lot of training material in her arsenal, she explains the topics as easily as possible. The methodology of her teaching is excellent! Yana is, in my opinion, the best teacher on the Costa del Sol. She is also a pleasant and interesting person with a sense of humour. I enjoyed her classes.


I asked Yana to prepare me for the DELE exam. I immediately liked her approach to organizing the educational process - everything is clear, all working materials are ready and printed for me, the place for the class is conveniently equipped, we did not waste time. Yana clearly explained to me the structure of the exam, we worked out my weaknesses, and in the process of preparing, Yana revealed some gaps in my knowledge that we tightened up. As a result, the exam was passed with an excellent result. Yana is such a teacher who looks broadly, she instantly identifies weaknesses and works for the result. This is the teacher who wants to give the maximum and makes you believe in yourself when you don’t believe in yourself. After her lessons, you get a fighting positive attitude, pleasant emotions and, of course, excellent results.


I studied with Yana for 1.5 years, two lessons a week, that is, 4 hours a week. Before starting classes, my language level was almost zero. If you really need to learn a language qualitatively, then I recommend Yanina Kuznetsova, in her lessons you immediately feel high professionalism, extensive knowledge, experience and knowledge of teaching methods. Yana selects interesting tasks, dialogues, topics for everyone, uses modern sources and knows how to motivate her students.


Who is the best teacher for me, the most understanding, clearly explaining and 100% devoted to his work? Of course, this is Yana - my sister, she is 15 years older than me. She was who, from  my childhood, instilled in me the love of learning foreign languages. With her help and support, my studies were easy and with great interest. Years later, I want to say thank you to a real professional in her field, for my knowledge and skills that she managed to put into me and for an interesting approach to give the material. I know that her students study with pleasure, because she can find an approach to anyone. I am proud of my sister and can confidently recommend her as the best foreign language tutor.

Your Kari

Several years ago I started to study Spanish. Yana was recommended to me by a friend of mine, as an excellent teacher and professional in her field. I realized it personally soon. Yana has unlimited patience and the ability to find the shortest path so that the student will master the essence of the matter. Yana is a decent and kind person, with whom it is always pleasant to meet and just talk.


Of all the teachers of foreign languages that I have come across, you, Yana, are the best! A competent teacher and a good person! All your students are very lucky with you, they made the right choice! I am very grateful to you and glad to meet you.


An important teaching style of Yana is the ability to help the student without stress to perceive and recognize foreign speech by ear, learn to maintain a dialogue, understand the situation and respond appropriately with the necessary expressions, and, of course, with Yana you will learn to express your thoughts simply and correctly.

Yana, as a native speaker of Russian, is an excellent teacher of Spanish, German and English. Her teaching style will not leave anyone indifferent, because Yana is always looking for a practical application of the language, taking into account the goals and motivation of each student, finding an individual approach.

Yana is also a music fan, she loves playing the piano and singing, at her lessons we analyse the songs of contemporary singers, sometimes we watch film episodes in the original language and, of course, we sing and play didactic games on different topics.

Yana is a real professional in her field.


I am convinced that, as there are students, as many goals, objectives and preferences - I guarantee an individual and correct approach in each particular case.

Profe Yana

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